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Vedic Astrologers in India. Login Forgot Password? Don't have account? Please send only clear individual Photo, preferably a passport photo. Group Photos, unclear Photos, Photo taken under a tree, Photo taken with any object together or behind would drastically reduce the authenticity of clear answer. Hence, it is the responsibility of consultation seeker to send clear photo, as MindScope would be done based on the material received. No call or mail will be sent to clients asking for better photo. A brief description and background of the problems shall be provided. We advise the seekers to spend some quality time in clearly making out the question and in all cases a responsible person shall do this exercise.

If some information is hidden from us, the results also could be wrong or unclear, which please note. Would have an unclear answer.

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  • A question in a question would be considered as multiple questions and counted accordingly. Example: Will I or my company make good profits in the current financial year?

    Oxe (zodiak) – Wikipedia

    If yes, how much percentage of profit will increase over the last year? Your health condition shall be normal this month. You will be filled with good sprit to complete your target. This is the right year for spiritual pursuits and Pisces Career and Business: Ups and downs in profession are foreseen and may require efforts to stabilize.

    Virgo and virgo virgo compatibility

    To begin with, you may require Pisces Love and Relationships: Dreamy Pisceans will be denied of congenial love life. Don't let love cost you. Your business would be moderate.

    You would feel relaxed this month, which may make you lose one or two opportu Your professional life shall prove to be perfect this month. You should show your productivity in your work. Your health condition would naturally become dull because of your diet. Your negligence may give a break on al Scorpio Student and Education: Your education would go normally this month.

    You should improve the quality of your studies with the help of y This year is filled with positive outlook and vitality. In this year, you will be involved in many spir Scorpio Career and Business: Staying in the same position, being overworked and underpaid, will lead to discontent. There is possibility of begetting a son this year depending more upon your natal horoscope.

    There is also possibility of miscarriage for those who are under Ketu period.